The Pico Family

Ooh, you poor dear - Your problems solved by Madam Pico
Femto Pico - Cleverest Scientist On Earth

Meet the Pico family who had a regular column in the letters page. It all began with Madame Pico, the fortune teller who helped to solve reader's problems. After Madame Pico went on holiday and didn't come back, she was replaced with handyman Bud Pico and his Bud Pico's How To Do It. He also helped solve reader's problems, usually with the assistance of Kellogg's Rice Krispies. He once suggested that to deter burglars all you have to do is to place some delicious Kellogg's Rice Krispies around your door or window frame and when your unwelcome visitor breaks in you will be awoken by the snapping, crackling and popping being emitted from the wonderful cereal.

Bud's successor was Femto Pico - Cleverest Scientist on Earth, who had a hippy chick twin by the name of Soya Pico. She mysteriously vanished when attending the Glastonbury Festival.

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Bud Pico's How To Do It