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Not Phillip Schofield

Yes, that's right. Davey's song was once played on Radio 1. Someone had phoned Phillip Schofield's show and requested "Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly)". The song was subsequently played, and Phillip even sang along at the end - "Hold my hand very tightly, very tightly, very tightly. Hold my hand very tightly oooooooooo.". Whistlin' Rick threatened to sue, and Duncan's sister helpfully recorded the last five seconds.

Now, Rick's song has another chance of being played on Radio 1 - on Simon Mayo's Missionary Position. So write in and convice him that "Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly)" really is the best song ever.

To hear a new version of M C Hammer's "Don't Touch That", as played on Steve Wright's show, try clicking on the play button on the left, if there is one (there isn't at the moment).

Dear Simon Mayo...
Click on the play button above to hear The Higsons' (not The Hicksons, as previously - incorrectly - mentioned on this page) rendition of their classic song "Run Me Down", from the award-winning album "The Hicksons' Michealmas Album 1983", which also featured the hit songs "I don't want to live with monkeys" and "Where have all the club go-gos went-went?"