The retuners have been (but we missed them)

One day, a long long time ago (well, not that long ago), I was trying to watch a video. Unfortunately, at the same time, Channel 5 were 'fine-tuning' their transmission frequency - from Ch 37H to Ch 32H (or thereabouts). They had suddenly realised that the old frequency didn't actually interfere with anybody's VCR, so had to change the frequency to make sure it did (thus making the retuning programme worthwhile). Needless to say, instead of Wallace & Gromit, I got the lovely "static static" pictured above right. Because this was rather unusual (static isn't normally static, you see), I concluded that Channel 5 and the video must have cancelled each other out, and left that image on the screen. I stared at this phonomenon for a while, and decided that someone at Channel 5 must be:

1. A Your Sinclair fan
2. Presumably a Wallace & Gromit fan (there can only be one way to cancel something out)
3. Either a Speccy owner, someone who is in love with Rich Pelley, or both.