Rich Pelley

These are two attempts at drawing Rich Pelley.
Rich Pelley

Your Sinclair was once overwhelmed with an astounding number of games readers had sent in. Rich Pelley had the difficult task of looking at and reviewing (ish) them. Most were, of course, slightly edited versions of Dunc's Advanced Lawnmower Simulator*. And the rest were created with 3D Game Maker. One notable exception, however, was Mega-Software Microcomputer Super-Products Incorporated's Morning After Simulator. To try it out, double-click on the icon above right. For the alka-seltzer, press 'L'. Alternatively, stare at the Channel 5 page.

Once, Rich was sent a game in a Jiffy bag with some, erm, "hair" with it. Not from the head, however. I think the game was rated 1 (with 99 crap factor).

Several years after Rich left Your Sinclair, he confessed that most of the games in the Crap Games Corner he had made up himself. He also admitted to only actually playing each game for about 5 seconds (even the ones in his head)

Rich is now a full-time student, except during the holidays, when he works for PC Format (and once reviewed Star Trek: The Next Generation. He gave it about 50%, on the grounds of not liking Star Trek. And loads of people wrote in and slagged him off, of course.) He was seen to weep with joy at the invention of a new scanner which meant he could just shove reader's tips into a roller and they'd be automatically typed in on screen. Rich appears on the AP Viking Funeral Video OST, but mysteriously vanishes halfway through. (He went home, it turns out.)

He achieved fame by editing the legendary Free Teabag ish of Spectacular. In fact, YS only took him on because he had could easily obtain free teabags. Thus removing the need to drink the vile substances being emitted from the YS drinks machine.

One game which didn't make it into Rich's Crap Game Corner was YS Capers...

Rich Pelley, as well as being the Shed's resident heart-throb (well, that's what he reckoned), was also renowned for his taste in flares. Regulary insisting they were cool, when they obviously aren't, YS put Rich's flares to the coolness test in a letters page poll. The response was overwhelming, even to the point where Kylie Minogue wrote in with her views. But what was the result? Does it really matter? Of course not: we want to know what you think of flares now. Vote in our on-line poll and, Kylie, if you're reading this let us know...

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Rich Pelley, Lottery Winner

* In fact, Crap Games Corner came about as a direct consequence of the appearance of Advanced Lawnmower Simulator: inspired by Dunc's success, exemplifying the Speccy ideal of permitting anyone to write their own game and watch their publisher become fabulously rich overnight then leg it with the royalties, readers hoped to reproduce ALS's covertape-headlining success by sending in their own minimally-altered versions. Famous Crap Games Corner games included Andy O's Crap Bike Simulator (a sort of Super Hang-On where your bike went really slowly and kept breaking down), ingenious Marble Madness Construction Kit entry Funky Testicle by future YS writer and futurer Rare writer Leigh Loveday, Advanced Codemasters Simulator (reproducing David Darling with eerie convincingness) and that Greek Myths wargame, which entirely missed the point by being quite good. Crap Games Corner eventually came to an end when Rich couldn't take it any more and overdosed on Spicy Nik-Naks, and the task of making crap games was returned to the professional software companies (and, of course, any readers of comp.sys.sinclair who want to enter the annual Crap Games Comp). Ah! Ah! Ah!