Spec Tec Jr

"Simon" Cookie Cooke, known to millions and six as "Spec Tec Jr" (or Jnr - no one's exactly sure), became YS's official Techy Bloke after Adam Waring left to grow vegetable marrows, like there's any other kind. Adopting Adam's established private eye-style character, Cookie applied his method acting skills as taught him by the master, Sikorsky. After turning in three terrible columns about helicopters which were rejected out of hand, Cookie applied his method acting skills as taught him by the master, Stravinsky, and literally "became" a private detective, ravelling features from the barest clues and being regularly knocked unconscious and falling into black, bottomless wells. After accidentally falling into a real black, bottomless well, Cookie became convinced he was a prisoner of his own meaningfulness and, after escaping by fashioning a crude helicopter-like device from his trenchcoat belt, a broken branch and several of the more technical parts of a helicopter that had crashed in the well weeks previously, he took to tying a beach ball to his shoelace and running around as if it were chasing him. In a striking parallel with his predecessor Techy Bloke, Cookie emigrated to Australia, but that was due to a ticket mix-up that was swiftly rectified by an embarrassed Air Not-To-Australia. Cookie currently resides in the USSR, or the USA or UAE or something. It begins with U, anyway. He still has his Speccy, which he uses to hit people with who ask about Statues Of Ice.