Sir Clive Sinclair

Clive on a C5

Sir Clive on a C5. Click above to find out about the C5.

Bernadette Gets It Every Month!

Sir Clive was born in 1940, the son of a wealthy fruit and veg salesman and a French nurse. His life was boring until he invented the pocket calculator in 1976, after which he succeeded in inventing lots more things. In 1989, Sir Clive was engaged to 'Curvy Bernadette Tynan' (22, pictured right). However, she called the wedding off later that year. Sir Clive has since been spotted 'on the town' with a series of other stunners. Looks like he's quids in!!

PLAY > "In Scotland, Sir Clive Sinclair unveils a new steering-wheel free car"
This is the news headline of Uncle Clive's latest invention.

Robertster writes:
My Mum used to teach Sir Clive Sinclair's son. He is called Bartholomew but liked to be called John. He took physics, electronics and maths at A level and was offered a place at Cambridge (because of his father) but wasn't good enough to get in.

She also taught the son of the bloke who composed the Um Bongo song and she met him. BTW have you seen the telescopic straws you get with Um Bongo now?

RIP Sir Clive (30/7/40 - 16/9/21) - you made my childhood great. Mark.