Some other sites dedicated to Your Sinclair magazine

Here are some sites dedicated to, or containing stuff from, Your Sinclair magazine. Please remember that there are some other sites scattered liberally throughout YSAC, on relevant pages.

If your site isn't listed, you probably haven't created it yet. Check out the Complete YSAC Guide To Creating A Crap YS Website to help you get started.

A quick overview of Spectrum magazines, and the Kindly Leave The Stage archive.

An article about Your Sinclair.

Planet Sinclair's Your Sinclair page.

PDFs of YS and a large quantity of other stuff relating to Sinclair.

Parts of later issues of YS, and print your own YS "It's Crap!" T-Shirt.

Hints and tips for Speccy games from YS and others.

A proper wiki with apparently verifiable facts.

World of Spectrum's has an extensive archive of YS scans and tape images, amongst everything else Spectrum-related you could possibly want. (Check the FTP archive under /pub/sinclair/magazines/YourSinclair/)

Stuart Campbell's magazine articles, including Your Sinclair.

Jonathan Nash's YS2: 100th Anniversary (but sort of)

An on-line magazine "in the style of" YS, turned blog.

The worst letters ever printed in YS! Plus, an interview with Linda Barker and Jon North.

The forerunner to Your Sinclair. Also includes type-ins from Sinclair mags and SPOT*ON magazine index.

A Russian mirror of the old version of this site. You can probably find more at