Small Print

Small Print. A section in the YS letters page where readers wrote about one sentence and expected it to be published. Rather worringly, these "letters" were published, and most of them were hilarious!

Due to its outstanding success, the Small Print column was copied by several magazines, and us. Yes: we now have our own Small Print column. To contribute, edit this page.

I don't see any submissions. Am I the first?
Nathan Cross, SW UK

Why do you never print my submissions?
Barry Salter, Edmon, North London

This isn't me... and anyone who says it is is lying.
Rob Ryan, Mayfair, West London

Sir, is this a record? Yours,
Matthew Garrett, Cambridge

I have nothing of any comical value to say. At all.
Tom Walker, Essex

Everyone loves me
Stuart N Hardy, Sheffield

I must strenuously disagree with Tom Walker
Phil Scarffe, Nottingham

Chris Salter, Edmonton, North London

Chris Salter, Edmonton, North London

I totally disagree with the last submission
Mark Baggs, Scotland

For Mr. Bielby: The guy had hiccups and the shotgun scared him.
Irwin Gersh, Wigan

BBCs were always better than Spectrums
Byron Farrow, Budapest, Hungary

Ah-ha! Bovine friend replacer! (I still remember that phrase from a Small Print from yore).
Darren Hubbard, Newcastle

I submit
Keith Wilce, Saxilby

I'm not even clear on what the main mission is?
Coert (Last name withheld on kind permission),

no surrender
Keith Wilce, Saxilby,Lincolnshire,UK

procrastinate , procrastinate ,that's all I ever do.
keith wilce, proud and erect

Man says to cat "you can fly".Cat says..."meee-oww?"
Keef, Proud and erect

I aint got time to bleed!
Carl Weathers, USA

Actually I said that!
Jesse Ventura,

I have a joke, the chair, it walk along the street, with the shoes, la la la la la, the chair, he is walking!
borat, you ess of ay

in you ess of ay, woman can vote but horse cannot?!?
Borat, right behind you

PUNX (BBC micro) SUK HEAVY METAL (Sinclair Spectrum) RULES!!!!
James Simpson, Wirral

And God said "Wot the fXXk was that?".Answer?The big Bang
Keef Wilce, Sad But True

Wasn't the point of Small Print to take bits of longer letters out of context?
Gadgy the duck, The funny farm

Hairy Coo, Scotland

I actually had a small print printed once. Do I get a fiver ?
Robin Willemse,, dUTCHMAN IN pARIS