Today on 5: Spectacle

Actually, nothing to do with what's on Channel 5 today (but I suppose 5 could show 'pages from Spectacle' in a similar way to how Channel 4 shows 'pages from 4-Tel'). The Spectacle story begun a long (long) time ago:

Design Design used to put strange comments in their games code about cheesecakes and drinking coke and stuff, but no-one appeared to read them. So, they wrote a little teletext-style program called 'Spectacle', password-protected it and slapped it on the Dark Star tape. It basically consisted of strange articles and things written by Design-Design, similar to what was in their game's code. In fact, part of Spectacle was talking about the comments they put in the code for 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'. It was an instant success, so, in late 1985, they released a sequel as a bonus program on the Forbidden Planet tape. This was called, cunningly enough, Spectacle_2. It was more of the same, only different. They decided not to slag off magazines such as C+VG (although they only referred to C+UG - a 'fictitious' mag called Complete + Utter Garbage) and CRASH (although CRASH did give at least a couple of their games a rating in the late 80%s). A selection of strange pages is given after clicking on the imaginatively-titled "Pages from Spectacle" link.