Interesting Statistics About This App

Graph Of Relevance (tm)

This application owes its existance to:

[4*(52-15+8)] misery filled hours of wasted effort
[1] 80Mb Hard drive (half full)
[0] very hot curries
[32] copies of YS
[3] weeks worth of episodes of Jack Docherty, The Retuners and Whittle
[7] computers of various denominations
[2] days of Mr Platt telling us to make a worthwhile application
[10] minutes of congratulations from Mr Platt
[20] minutes of Mr Platt telling us we were sad
[30] people, including Mr Platt, telling us Whistlin' Rick can't sing
[30] people, mostly Miss Williams, telling us ALS was crap and
[16] hours of nothing on Channel 5

The pie charts quite obviously show nothing of interest to anyone (except Norris McWhirter)

This application contains probably roughly 123 pages* of rubbish, over 246 pictures, at least 20 sound samples and about 3 animations that don't work. And all under 40Mb . Have fun.

Oh, and stats freaks might like the Monthly Map Of Visitors, also available at the bottom of every page.

* (:numberofarticles refresh:), actually.