Steve's Programming Launderette

A logical step from JD's Program Pitstop, which had thousands of Speccy owners typing in hundreds of lines of hexadecimal numbers (and millions of Speccy owners writing in asking JD whether he could print the YS Hex Loader again, please?) every month, simply to create yet another mandlebrot set generator or scrolly message, was Steve's Programming Launderette. Which told people how to write these things in the first place, so they could send them in to JD and make all the other spec-chums spend hours typing in hundreds of rows of tiny print.

Steve Anderson was the host of Steve's Programming Launderette, which took you by easy steps from knowing nothing about BASIC to producing a fully-featured, feature-packed game with special features, The Pathetic Pablo Bros, that almost worked properly. Steve was also an author of YS2, contributing incisive reviews of The Orb playing somewhere his car broke down reaching, and a kebab. He is most famous for Irregular Shed, the fanzine hailed by the world's media as "two poorly-photocopied sheets stapled together." Another issue is now being edited, in which trembling fans are promised the return of How To Dance (By The Bloke Out The Farm). A partly-completed THNTRNTeiee version may be seen at, wherein readers may experience the effect of stepping through architecturally-important Roman ruins, except about a Shed. Steve is currently responsible for the medical wellbeing of a significant part of Wales; it is not uncommon for people falling ill in Wales to be reassured by cheery Rolf Harris mouth noises as they slip into unconsciousness, preparatory to "Splendid Surgeon" Anderson flicking out the bits they no longer need while pressing a complimentary copy of IS into their limp hands. (Unless he's lopping off their hands, in which case he leaves it on the bed.)