The YS "It's Crap" T-Shirt

Your Sinclair: It's Crap! (in a funky skillo sort of a way)

Inexplicably, the famous phrase, "It's crap! In a funky skillo sort of way," was originally, "It's crap! In a funky skillo sort of a way," which was crap. Tragically, however, this was the version that was printed on all the T-shirts. Incidentally, the rarest T-shirt is the pink It's Crap! one, from a batch that were printed spectacularly wrongly. (They were supposed to be white with pink writing, you see.) The power of the pink YS T-shirt could not be measured on scientific equipment (unlike the horrid grey AP sweatshirt: see C-Monster's scholarly examination, "I pulled with a horrid grey AP sweatshirt") but, like a sort of wearable butterfly, its lifespan was desperately brief, as if you washed it, all the colour drained out instantly.