People who probably helped, hindered or otherwise botherd us at some stage

Here follows one of those really boring lists of people you've probably never heard of, but deserve some thanks for their hard work, e-mails, slagging us off or writing pages etc... (Obviously, anyone mentioned on the 'Contact Us' page will not be mentioned again on this page)

  • Mike Platt
    • Former IT co-ordinator at Kings Langley School, Mr Platt hosted the 'Multimedia Activities' in 'Activity Week' (which started off as a week, but over the years seemed to decrease in size to about two days). Which I was supposed to be helping with, but ended up writing this instead (on Genesis Pro, hence the reason for the Genesis version). And Phillip just tagged along and wrote most of the original text. Actually - most of that is wrong: Phillip did almost ALL of the original YSAC, because I was helping other people most of the time. YSAC was in fact created in just three days, but we continued with it for another few weeks until the hard drive buggered it up and we couldn't get into it. Fortunately, there wasn't 130 pages back then, so we had a relatively easy job of re-constructing it (especially since we had a back-up of all the text and pictures) and continued it until we left school. And it got deleted sometime during our exams. But the library PC also had a copy, and it was a hidden file so no-one knows it's there (and I doubt anyone has found it, even after this amount of time!). It was an old copy, though, basically just there in order to test Genesi~1, as Windows 95 calls it, for Windows. Since the latest version of YSAC had removed itself from the system (it was taking up about 40Mb worth of an 80Mb hard drive, though - so I can't really blame anyone for deleting it), we (mostly Phillip, actually) spent some time during exams (no - I don't mean actually DURING the exams, more in between them) creating something only known as '!StuNHardy'. This charted some stuff that Stuart N Hardy had done (although it didn't contain the migration from Zero -> Amiga Format -> Amiga Power -> Digitiser. I think there are some others in that list). I've recently converted this to HTML, and it's easily located through the Stuart N Hardy page on this site.
  • Simon Kingsbury
    • Also supposed to be helping out with 'Multimedia Activities', Simon spent most of his time with the video camera and digitising board. Strangely enough, I don't actually remember anyone having video footage in their application. Oh, he did the original digitisation of Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly). But the tape recorder wasn't very good and it sounded awful (hence the phrase "We apologise for the poor sound quality, but it's not Whistlin' Rick's fault he can't sing"). He is also famed for fixing the "sort of flashing cursor bug" in the Acorn version of !ALS. Needless to say, our application went down a storm. Well, it got lots of blank expressions. And Whistlin' Rick got the comment "How much longer does this go on for?"
  • Jonathan Nash
    • Editor of YS for about one issue before it died, or something, Nash sent me a rather long e-mail (some 20K or so) containing loads of things about YS and YSAC which I had to go through and implement. So I just shamelessly ripped it off, without even changing it (hence the reason that some pages read as if they've been written by someone who used to work at YS)
  • Simon Cooke
    • Also known as "Spec Tec Jr", Simon was responsible for the Pico Family/Spec Tec Jr Christmas Story and gave me permission to steal (except it wasn't really stealing, because I had permission) it for the YSAC pages. Hurrah!
  • Phil South
    • YS's Tip Shop bloke, Snouty, sent us a load of tips about where the YS team are now.
  • Anybody who worked on YS, has contacted us and is not listed above. We apologise for missing you out, please edit yourself into this page.
  • People on comp.sys.sinclair for writing the occasional thing that I stole :-)
  • There are probably supposed to be some other people on here as well...