The Monkees

This will be some proper text about The Monkees when we can think of something to write...

The only connection betwixt anything else in this application and The Monkees is that The Monkees is on just before WowfabgroovybrilliantexcellentDavidDarlingsuperbcrap(inafunkyskillosortofway), the relevance of which was explained a page earlier. The thing about The Monkees is that (almost) every week they sing 'Last Train To Clarkesville', and also that Mike Nesmith never takes his hat off, except during yesterday's episode (18/5/97) in which he removed it in order to sit down and trim the bobble on top. And, we think, the hat has also changed colour and possibly size and shape on several occurances.

Above: The Monkees
Below: A Monkey