Trainspotters Through History

A Series In Conversation With The World's Greatest Trainspotters

Sue Pollard

No 430. Sue "Hi De Hi!" Pollard

Hi De Hi! Hello campers. Sue Pollard here, the quickest, biggest mouth in the west. Ooooh, I could go on talking 19 to the dozen for days on end, me. F'rinstance, I was stuck in a lift at 'The Beeb' with Anneka Rice, you know, the one with the 'elicopter and the bum and all that, ooooh, I'm not s'posed to say that am I, you what, eh? I can say bum, oh, that's all right then, anyway where was I? Oh yes, and the poor dear couldn't squeeze a word in edgeways - not that I was going going to let her - I had soooo much to say. "I'm only going to floor four," she says. "Oooh nooo," I said, "you don't want to go to floor four, have you seen the 'orrible plastic plants they've got in the corridor, they're reeeaaaallly tacky. Ooooh, 'ave you 'ad your baby yet?" "Yes, actually I gave birth last...," she said. "Oh, silly me," I said, "Of course, you 'aven't got that lump in your tummy any more." There I go again. How can I stop? You can't stop me. Once I get rabitting it'd take, ooooh, I don't know, about a seven megaton nuclear blast to shut my mush. Ooooh, d'you like m'glasses? I got them off Christopher Biggins - no, I didn't really, that was just a joke. What d'you mean, It wasn't funny - ooooh, you devil, what d'you mean nothing I say is funny? Ooooh, get away. What's that? Trains? Ooooh, I could talk about trains for hours, me....

Taken from Your Sinclair issue 44