Trainspotters Through History (3)

A Series In Conversation With The World's Greatest Trainspotters

Joe Pesci

No 217244. Joe Pesci

Hey! Get the fug outtadah way! Someone get me my Goddam agent! What's dat? Trains? Fuggin' trains? I an't got time for dis shit! Get outta my friggin' face or I'll kick the shid outta yah like I did to dat Eastenders guy. What was his name? Fug! Friggin' Riggy or sumtin'. Anyhow, I was on this fuggin' piece a' shit talk show, wid dis Jack Docherty guy, and this Riggy fug is backstage, and he starts callin' me Goddam names, like I was a friggin' asswipe. So I calls him a fuggin' prig, and cut him up real friggin' good. Hehehehe. Once I'd finished with him, Goddam piece a' shid, there wasn't a single piece a' him left that was bigger than my fuggin' dig! Friggin' asshole! If I ever see that fuggin' guy again, I'll be tooled up an' ready to whack his friggin' ass quicker than he can say "Holy fuggin' shit!"

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