Where the hell could he have got to?

So, where is David Wilson now? Well, the first indication was that he had left Game Zone to go and start a building contractors (possibly the most interesting, and irrelevant, option available to Davey).

Doesn't sound too likely. What else?

Well, we were in HMV in London about, erm, a year or two ago and - lo and behold - we found an album by a 'David Wilson'

So, you think he became a pop star, then?

No, actually. There was no mention of "Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly)" on the track listing (or at all, even) So, we have reason to believe that was a different David Wilson. Shame really.

Have you got a more probable alternative?

Yes. He's actually UK Head of PR for Sony Computer Entertainment. Having seen a reference to this elsewhere on the Boogleweb, I wrote and got this reply the next day:

yes - i am afraid so

David Wilson
Head of PR, UK
0207 911 xxxx
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Gavin Hamill <gdh@acentral.co.uk> 

22/10/2007 22:39 
To	david_wilson@xxxx 
Subject	Blast from the past

Sorry, I had to ask this, because one shouldn't believe everything
written on the Intertron :)

Are you Whistlin' Rick Wilson of 'Hold My Hand (Very Tightly)' infamy?


Yes, I do realise I used an incorrect title for his mega-ditty. Shame on me. So now you have his e-mail address and phone number. Be nice to the man.

Oh, when asked if he still has the Triumph Herald...

actually I do, somwhere - it hasn't been driven since 1994 - but I do still have it ;)

What a guy - still true to his roots!