How to play Whittle with Tim Vine

"Ha Ha! It's me, your host, Tim Vine!"

"HELLO. This is Whittle with me your host Tim Vine. START THE CLOCK!"
"Stay tuned because you could be on the way to winning 500 - Cancel the mortgage!"
"But first, here's how to play Whittle, with me, Tim Vine remember. All you do is read the question with your eyes and mind and press the button which corresponds to what you think is the correct answer. If you've ever seen Bamboozle on about page 152 on 4-Tel, then you will know that this is a shameless rip-off of that because it has more questions and that. But anyway, it's like Bamboozle but with a picture of me, Tim Vine remember, instead of Bamber Boozler who is obviously not as good as me, Tim Vine, because he does not have a quiz show based on his crap teletext quiz does he? No. Ha ha ha ha. Join me, Tim Vine on Whittle every week night at 6pm just after Neighbours has finished."

Fluke  Pearson TV

"And don't forget to catch me, Tim Vine remember, on my new game show that is called Fluke on Channel 4 (Not Channel 5 remember) at 6.25 every Tuesday evening. Now you can see me, that's Tim Vine, for a whole hour - because Fluke is on straight after Whittle (which is on Channel 5, not Channel 4 remember). Hurrah!"

"Oh, not forgetting my American game show, featuring me, Tim Vine remember, "Beat The Chimp", which is sort of like Fluke but one of the contestants is replaced by a chimp. But will anybody notice? Ha ha."