YSAC: It's Wikid!

Welcome to the "wiki'd" version of Your Sinclair: A Celebration. If you visited the old version, you'll be pleased to know that all the content has been transferred. If you didn't (and why not?), you'll be pleased to know that all the content has been transferred.

What's new?

Well, YSAC is now a Wiki. That means anybody can edit the pages, add new information, correct (or, preferably, make up new lies about) any facts, and link in new pages as tenuously as possible. Basically, it's the same as the old YSAC, but might get new content a little more often than before.

So, what next?

You can read the site without doing anything extra - it's still the same disorganised, badly-linked mess with minimal design that gets less relevant to YS with every click. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

If you want to contribute, however, you need to register on the site. This is easy to do and intended to discourage spammers. Any abuse of privileges will be dealt with severely, but unless you go on a mass spamming, deleting or general disrupting binge, your account will be safe. There may be one or two pages that are locked down. If you have a need to modify them, contact the webmaster. Oh, and you are responsible for anything you add, so don't write anything illegal.

Editing style guide

This is very basic, in fact you only really need to read this if you are starting new pages.

  • New pages must contain (:include Site.Footer:) at the end of the page (this generates the "back" links automatically).
  • Pages should have a (:title This Is The Title:) at the top of the page.
  • All new pages must be linked to an existing page (the more tenuous the better)
  • The convention is to put links to other pages at the bottom of the page prefixed with *, rather than linking words in the text.
  • Footnotes should be at the very bottom of the page (underneath (:include Site.Footer:)) and enclosed in [- -].
  • External links should be underneath (:include Site.Footer:). Separate them from the backlinks with ----.

There are exceptions to the above, but basically that's it. You'll easily get the idea by looking at the source of a few pages. There is some text mark-up help links on the edit page.