YS Adventures with Mike Gerrard


with Mike Gerrard (and he's not Jeremy Beadle)

NOT Jeremy Beadle

Note: Before you ask, it's not Matthew Kelly off of ITV's 'Stars In Their Eyes', but Mike Gerrard off of Your Sinclair's adventure games section.

NOT Matthew Kelly

Above: Check out the latest in adventure gaming: a brand new never-before-released game called "Haylp. HAYLP!", where you have to escape. and in true Mike Gerrard fashion, here is the YS complete solution:

YS Health Warning: The following solution may ruin your adventure gaming, so do not read it unless you really are completely stuck.

OG HTUOS, then TSAE. EKAT the PMAL, then OG TSEW, HTRON and TSAE. ESU the PMAL, then EKAT the YEK. OG TSEW, and ESU the YEK. OG HTUOS and finally, ESU the EXA.

NOT Kenney Everett

YS had a turney-pagey adventure thing in one issue. Astoundingly, it worked. There was another one in an entirely different issue, as well.

Mike Gerrard appears to have lost his memory (or his notes or something), and has some kind of bizarre page about travel at http://www.owg.org.uk/mike.gerrard. This has since been explained by Snouty: "Mike Gerard became the publisher of a successful literary magazine and then became a travel writer and spends half his time in some far flung place across the world."