YS Capers

YS Capers loading screen
Scatz Andy Ide Some fried eggs That trainspotter bloke



A brand new shoot-'em-up written specially for YS by Damian Scattergood.

Oh no! The YS team have gone crazy and are shooting out of the TV set at their readers! Only you can stop them! Three levels of Op Wolf style nastiness, with the YS team as the meanest muthas of them all! (It's a cracker!)

Your Sinclair/Damien Scattergood

Controls: Kempston joystick or keyboard
Keys Q = Up; A = Down; O = Left; P = Right; Space = Fire
(C changes background colour.)

So, some of the YS team - namely Matt Bielby, Andy Ide, David Wilson and Marcus Berkmann. And even that trainspotter bloke (pictured right with Andy and an explosion) - were featured in a game. This game was a big hit in 1990, some would argue it was even better than ALS. But long time YS reader and famous programmer (well, famous-ish), Damian Scattergood, thinks differently - "After playing ALS, I started on YS Capers. I got bored half-way through level one. ALS is much better, a master of programming achievement. You can play it over and over again. Duncan MacDonald is a pro - I left him out of YS Capers for this reason." So the YS team have their own game. Jealous, Sinclair User magazine tried the same thing - an into-the-screen scrolling shoot-'em-up, where you have to kill the SU team. Hmm...
Last we heard was Sinclair User were sued for copyright violation, and the YS team have recently been signed up for Monkey Island 3. Watch this space! (but it's not going to change, so there isn't much point.)

There was an attempt to do a full-motion video sequel (of YS Capers), but Linda forgot to change tapes when she took the video camera on holiday, so it ended up being about her friends sitting in a park. Remarkably, even with the wobbly focus and muffled dialogue (the party having mistaken the built-in mike for somewhere to put flowers), it managed to play better than Wing Commander 4.