YS 'celebs' on Channel 5!

Well, the simple truth is that at least four people who once wrote for Your Sinclair have made their first (and last, probably) TV appearance on Channel 5. In case anybody is remotely interested, the people in question are these;

David Wilson appeared on Exclusive! at the end of 1997, talking about the Internet and on-line gaming.

David McCandless was on 5 News moaning about people being able to freely download MPEGs of brand new songs, whilst simultaneously announcing that you could, er, download the complete MPEG audio tracks of his album. Legally.

Rich Pelley appeared on Channel 5's early news programme (the one which used to be called 5 News Early, but is now called something else) simply to plug Arcade magazine (and not doing a particulary good job of it)

Stuart Campbell was featured throughout Are You Being Cheated?, offering his opinions on software piracy and praising everybody who was against Microsoft.

Interestingly, despite Sir Clive's alledged involvement in Channel 5, he only ever appears on the BBC. (Although he was "featured" on 20th Century Stuff once, and regulary plays Late Night Poker on Channel 4)