Your Sinclair's Background Information

Your Sinclair Logo Your Sinclair started life in January 1984 by a little-known Californian company (well London, actually) called Dennis Publishing. The magazine was then called Your Spectrum, and was only bought by sad ZX80, ZX81 and rubber-keyed 16K Spectrum owners. Eventually though, after the dawn of the Sinclair QL (or maybe just before), it changed its name to Your Sinclair. Even though the QL was good, no-one bought it. In fact, the only people buying YS were Spectrum owners, so there wasn't much point in changing its name, really. Or something. Later, when the Spectrum had many clones (two at the last count - namely the SAM Coupé and the Hobbit)*, YS was bought by many - including the Queen (!) and PC/Atari/Amiga/Amstrad/BBC owners. A recent survey showed that 80% of YS readers didn't actually own a Spectrum at all.

The Megagame logo - awarded to Duncan MacDonald's Advanced Lawnmower Simulator, and many other games. Click on the logo to find out about some mysteries.

* Yes, I know the SAM wasn't strictly a Spectrum clone, and that there are many more Russian Spectrum clones than just The Hobbit, but that's all I could think of at the time of writing. Okay?