Your Spectrum (the dullest magazine in the entire history of the world)

The commonly accepted explanation of why Your Spectrum became Your Sinclair was that, in the redesign, the mag also covered the QL and was expected to feature the new Sinclair machines (like the Loki) when they were released, except as it happened, they weren't. (There was a small bit on Amstrad's Sinclair PC200, though. It said, "Amstrad's Sinclair PC200 is crap." Although Snouty loved it to bits, the deranged tip-loon.) In fact, the reason was that Your Spectrum was the dullest mag in the entire universe and we wanted to pretend it had never been anything to do with us. It's sort of spooky when you think about it - you'd expect the titles to be the other way around (Your Spectrum being the funky skillo games mag, in other words). But obviously it would have been called Your Speccy. Also, you could make more anagrams out of Your Sinclair.