Your Sinclair: A Celebration

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Background Information about Your Sinclair

Duncan MacDonald and his classic game "Advanced Lawnmower Simulator"

David "Whistlin' Rick" Wilson and his wonderful song "Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly)"

Joystick Jugglers

Your Sinclair was the best magazine dedicated to Sir Clive Sinclair's greatest achievement, the invention of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer (the one with the rubber keys). Click here for more information about Sir Clive.

If you reached this website through a web search and don't really understand, think of it as an extended version of Psst, where truth and lies are interwoven and the more you read the less likely it is to be about YS. There's a search feature and an out-of-date map, for unprepared visitors. It's just like driving to the Cotswolds in your 80s Ford Cortina, or something.

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