A letter from Stu himself (honest)

18 June 1997

Dear Unsatisfactory Software,

I thought that your recent application on me was a bit short. It only took me 2 minutes to read through all of it. I think you should expand it to at least 130 pages, like your excellent Your Sinclair application (although that could also have been improved by including a few more more pages on me - you had about 50 on Channel 5, and although that is good, it is not as good as my letters). I hope you rectify these faults in your otherwise flawless production.


Stuart N Hardy.

PS How did you get your hands on my photo album?

Thanks Stu N, but we think you're an idiot. Or couldn't you figure that out from the application (especially the backdrop) - that's why this application only has 8 pages. Well, that and the fact we literally had less than 3 hours to write it.