Don't Do It!

Recently PC Zone started it's own Hot Topic Section, similar to that of Digitiser. This is the principal place that we don't want Stuart N Hardy to write into, alongside Flicks, Neon and any other movie/cinema magazine including Future Publishing's Total Film and Empire Magazine, Radio Times, Daily Express, Southend Evening Echo, any free paper distributed anywhere in England or even the World except Sheffield even, Channel 5 magazine, Assistant Librarian, Potato Review, Barcode Review, Multi-Storey Car Park Construction Weekly, Cigar Aficianado, School Library 2000.

However, Stu can feel free to write in to any of the following, mainly because nobody would care what he had to say because no one reads them : First Down, GamesMaster, Total Bike, Phonecard Monthly, WH Smith's Bookcase magazine, which is free, the Natural Law Party manifesto, Modern History Review, Economic Review, The Stuart N Hardy fan club magazine, any Sheffield free paper, Teddy Bear News, GMTV magazine, French Educational magazines Ça Va, Chez Nous and Bonjour and of course the German equivalents Das Rad and Aktuelle. And that canoeing one that's been on the library shelf for about 5 years. Oh, and New Scientist.