Stu is a regular contributor to Page 592 of BBC's Ceefax, which is the Chatterbox page, where he writes in whining about things to do with TV, such as Channel 5, Channel 5, 5 text, and Channel 5.

One time, just for a change, he wrote about Channel 5. He has written in whinging that people should stop slagging off Channel 5 because it offers more choice, and more choice is only more good. Then he wrote in himself slagging off Channel 5, totally contradicting himself.

One such classic example follows....

Sheffield (Ha Ha. I live right next to a C5 transmitter and you don't!)
04 July 1997

Dear Chatterbox

Although I'm not sure if an improved C5 teletext system would really improve ratings as Greg suggests, it's a good idea. The 5 Text main menu should be displayed automatically and a host of new features included that I can write in to.

Yours faithfully

Stuart N Hardy

Stop Press!

After just three updates, Stuart N Hardy managed to get his name printed on no less than two different sub-pages, on the same day (or week, as its only updated weekly), of (5)text's new TV Letters page. One was him wondering what the highest score was on C5's quiz show, 100%, and the other had him requesting information on C5's news presenter, Kirsty Young. Rather stupidly 5 text gave out an address where he could write to her.
Subsequently, this meant that he had his name printed on no less than four (2 on TV Letters, 1 on Chatterbox and 1 on Digitiser) different teletext pages at the same time. Oh dear.