Try this: It's the New Ace Bleach Page! (It's safe on all your monitors, even VGA and Multiscan)

There are several things wrong with the original ACE Bleach advert:

  1. If her auntie knew she was going out, why did she visit her in the first place?
  2. Why did her aunt put New Ace Bleach on the gravy stain without even saying "do you mind if I try some of this...?"
  3. And wouldn't just washing it have got it out anyway?
  4. Or, of course, she could've worn something else.
  5. Why doesn't anyone say "will" - it's always "'ll"

For the benefit of those who haven't seen it, or have forgotten, the script goes something like this:

Niece: Oh, hello auntie.
Auntie: Hello. All set for your interview?
Niece: Well, I really wanted to wear this - but look, a gravy stain.
Auntie: Bleach'll fix it.
(puts bleach on stain, in washing machine and turns it on in less than three seconds)
Niece: What? Bleach'll ruin it!
(erm, its a bit late to say that now, isn't it?)
Auntie: Relax. It's new ACE Bleach. It's safe for all your laundary, even colours and delicates. Just put some on the stain - don't let it dry - and put the rest in with your detergent.
Niece: Wow! Ace job!
Auntie: And I hope it leads to an Ace job for you!