The Two Andys: Hippy & Hutch

Andy Ide was editor of YS after Matt Bielby decided to leave and start some more magazines (which he promptly left). He was (and, indeed, still is) a bit of a hippy, using his powerful position as an excuse for spending Your Sinclair's budget on Joss Sticks and "Save the Rainforests" car stickers (which he stuck on the front of his no-emmision electric C5).

Andy left YS after about three issues of being editor to become head of Greenpeace. Since we probably won't bother to add a page for Andy 'Hutch' Hutchinson, we will now tell you that his replacement was another Andy - Andy 'Hutch'. He was a bit of a cool kind of dude, riding around the streets of Bath on his skateboard, and recently wrote the manual for Cannon Fodder 2. He was booted off of YS about four issues after starting, like he had been off of EMF about four months before.

Easily Andy H's finest idea, after instituting the YS Photo-Albums (where any interesting photos from newspapers or magazines would be snipped out and kept for Pssst! or the Next Month Page, or whatever), was the easily-missable silly legal small print in the credits column, or "flannel panel".

Hutch as a wizard

Hutch as Alan the Wizard in the YS Panto with Maryanne, the maid with no name.