Some comments about YSAC

Comments mostly taken from emails:

" EXCELLENT gameplay! AMAZING navigation! The Spectrum's best website adventure yet!" Dave Darling
"It looks a bit surreal" Mike Platt
"Yes. It looks good." Jon Block
"Well...quite." Matthew Garrett
"What larks." Jonathan Nash
"Nice one :)" Simon Cooke
"I like it all right." Glenn Randers-Pehrson
"I liked it too" Alvin Albrecht & Nick Humphries
" the funniest website in the entire world" Mark Sturdy
"Was quite cool thanx!" Jen Ballardie
"Always preferred Crash meself." allanm
"Thanks for the site, it made me laugh." Peter Worth
"Your idea is superb." Arcadiy Gobuzov
"I want to write an article about your nice site..." Wladimir Bulchukey
"Thanks for keeping the hatstand spirit alive." James McCormack
"I'm there already - nice homepage!!!" Neil Cully
"...wonderful site. Keep up the good work in making us normal folk laugh." Alf Fairweather's Psion 5
"(and it's great)" Alistair Kennedy
"It could do with better pics of Linda Barker ;-]" Icabod
"Nice site." Paul P
"I loved your website." Brendan Heading
"great great site!!!" Paul Carson
"Your Spectrum page is really good" Fay Dawe
"You are clearly bonkers." Marcus Berkmann
"Gr8 site btw. Very nostalgic." Nathan Reynolds
"Good site. I like." Tom Sheen
"Good to see someone keeps up the good fight!!" James McConnell
"This brings back memories when this was the most important thing in my life" Callum McFetridge
"Nice work, tiger." Andy Hutchinson
"I'm just overcome with emotion at finding a YS website. Hurrah!" Frankie
"PISS OFF" Natalie Carney
"Very good. Nice one. etc." Dunny
"Still love the site." Phil South
"Brill." Coert Wigbels
"Three cheers for a totally hatstand website!!" Mark Prior
"Great to see such an irrelevant site on the web." Simon Brindle
"A very great and important site" David 'MAqua' McCandless
"Cracking site" A Trainspotter

We asked a couple of people why YSAC was the best site on the Internet. Not all of them bothered to tell us. Those that did, said:

"its crap" lee turner
"all others suck" miner 'I love T'zer' willy
"you paid me to say so" spud 'I love Tzer' gun
"I'm mad." Derek 'I love Linda Barker' Jolly
"I have no idea what it's about but it makes me laugh anyway." Scott 'I love all of them in equal measure' Munn
"cornflakes cornflakes cornflakes" Tom 'I love Steph the inflatable shark' Walker
"best questionaire ever...." No 'I love no females, but maybe a speccy?' Way, Germany
"it steadfastly refuses to provide an up-to-date Offline downloady version. Oh, wait - that's a Bad Thing. Is this 25 words yet?" adam 'I love Farty T. Warthog, natch', hang on a mo! Blast! Bang goes the anonymity!
"of the notable absence of live frogs in the hyperlinks." Mark 'I love T'zer of course' Prior
"'s 6am as I write this." Irgend 'I love Jonathan Nash' Wohner
"It's mad about YS" Andy 'I love Linda' Bettger
"it's the worst" Steve 'I love none. they're all too ugly for me', Cornwall
"of the Your Sinclair logo on the front page." Matt 'I love Linda Barker' Lambert
"Well its better than Yahoo! anyway" Refrenz
"I read that it is on YSAC. And because it has Tim Vine stuff on it." Gary 'I love T'Zer, although she's no Tim Vine' Norris
"I can't find another" basher 'I love That bird that moved on to zero', Glasgow
"god knows" Liam Reford
"it isn't" doodlebug 'I love doodlebugs', doodle bug
" paid me a tenner to say so!" Ian 'I love The one with fewer beer bellies and droopy bits' Hartley
"passion-validity is stronger than all cells" k 'I love that woman with the shades, who liked JAMC + the furs' j
"its Crap in a skillo funky way" Mark 'I love Linda' Shaw
"its wicked yeah bling" bob, cave
"I'm a compulsive liar hoping for money from its webmaster." Moses 'I love Linda Barker', Nowhere
"it has brought laughter and joy into my life, or something." Ginger 'I love hard to say, based on the fact that I've had no opportunity to fancy them', USA
"I said so" Liberator 'I love Linda Barker', Manchester
"It's absolutely the best interweb type thingy in the world ever. Do I get paid now or later? A cheque would be fine actually." Jonathan 'I love Hex loader. Er, does that sound strange to you?' Cauldwell
"it's crap in a funkily predicatable kind of way" Dave 'I love art chicks' Excellent
"There isn't much competition" Allen 'I love All of the birds' Jenner
"It managed to waste half an hour of my time. Few sites do!" ZX 'I love T'Zer' Zeido
"it's not actually ... but a good laugh nonetheless ... close to the brilliant YS style" Eduardo 'I love Matt Bielby' Marques
"I'm surfing on a ZX81 and it's the only site that loads (wibble!)" Malc 'I love Madame Pico' 74, Canada
"it's crap in a funky etc etc" Matt 'I love Linda - Pixie loving rock goddess' Yallop
"of stuff" a bloke
"It has pictures of Linda Barker on it" Mr 'I love Marianne..... No wait, Linda Barker...... Hmmmmm... Am I allowed a threesome?' Wibble, The Land Of Hatstand
"you said so!" Vladimir 'I love Matt Bielby' Jankovic
"Sinclair User was crap and will never be better than YS! So suck on that SU fans! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Bert 'I love Linda Barker. Phwooooaaaarrrr!!!' The Stick Insect

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