So, You Wanna Write A YS Website?

How to write a crap ys website
(and more importantly where to link it to ysac)

1 Choosing a name
The 1st thing you'll need is a good name. Something snappy, original (and completely irrelevant) - something like "The YS Rock'n'Roll Years" will do nicely. But not "YS : a Celebration", 'cos that's taken already.

2 Specialising
If you reckon you know a lot about one area of YS, you might like to try and specialise in a particular area. If, however, you've barely read it, you just might like to scan the pages in from the whole mag.

3 Getting the mags
If your collection is incomplete, try and ask around for missing copies, especially that elusive last issue. Newsgroups are always an excellent place to try and blag missing numbers.

4 Piccies
As we've already said, you might as well scan the whole thing, particularly the front covers and screenshots.

5 Right Then
You've got your scans, your articles and name - next is the text. If, however, you haven't got a hell of a lot to say, you might like to archive whole copies.

6 Designing the page
Something simple is ideal; that way you don't have to think about the design too much. Alternatively, you can put colourful banners and YS backdrop on every page, complete with disclaimer. If you're lazy, or your server doesn't support cgi, you can automate it locally and upload the whole lot.

7 Getting it up on the web (oo-er)
Now you've written/ripped off what the ys writers have already written, you need to get it onto a server. It's a good idea to register your own domain name, but if you can't afford hosting, just get it to forward to your site.

8 Telling people about it
Okay, it's done. Your web page is finished. So how do you tell the world that it's there? The best way is again to make regular posts on the newsgroups, and the punters will come flooding. You can make any excuse to make these posts, especially if you've just redesigned your site for the 12th time.

9 Popularity
You can easily tell how well your site is doing from the number of emails you recieve. Also, web counter (set to start higher than nought!) will let people know how well you are doing, especially if it increments unnecessarily when any single page is looked at!