Andy Ide's Campaign for a Speccy Europe

Flowers, man

Editor Andy Ide ran a campaign to become a Euro MP or something so he could get the Speccy into Europe.

Here are a few of his campaign photos at his party conference in the YS shed, plus a bonus pic from the letters page to use up some space.

Ide! The choice for a Speccy Europe!

Andy was, incredibly, successful in his campaign to become a Euro MP. He now works in Brussels, and is in charge of the Van Houten Chocolate mountain. He plans to have it burned on January 1st, 2000, to celebrate the new century, but there is strenuous opposition from Sweden, which fears chocolate ash could drift across mainland Europe for years. (Andy maintains the chocolate will immolate fiercely and leave no residue, and has suggsted conducting research into using Van Houten Chocolate as space fuel.) The negotiations are hampered by the fact Andy doesn't know any Swedish except that which he read in YS, and so whenever he's called on to speak, all he says is, "Flurgen splurgen hurgen. Hurdy ho!" then sits down looking pleased with himself. Fortunately, no one has noticed he's saying exactly the same thing each time, because Sweden's Euro MP doesn't speak Swedish either. She is, in fact, Rebecca Norley, due to an administrative error.