The Flannel Panel

The last few YS flannel panels were complicatedly rejigged for a joke. (For example, in one, everyone was credited as Editor, while in another, everyone was called Dennis.) Ish 90's was entirely composed of anagrams. Jonathan compiled these by hand, and at least one has the wrong number of letters.

The Big Final Issue's flannel panel merely listed everyone involved in both YS and Your Spectrum. The list, affectionately known as The Flannel Panel From Hell, contained 358 names, all compiled at Jonathan's hand from looking assiduously through every ish of both mags. He still managed to miss out at least four people, including pioneering YS Ed, Kevin Cox, who'd appeared in that very issue wearing a YS T-shirt*, and who pursued him through the Shed shouting, "What about me, eh?" Jonathan was able to escape by throwing unsold copies of Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly) at the rampaging executive until a lucky blow left him dodgably stunned.

* One of the pink "It's Crap" ones. In fact, the only remaining such T-shirt was especially removed from its hermetically-sealed container for the photo-shoot. Andy O trotted around the company, making ex-YS people put it on then snapping them with his pocket Brownie. Cunningly, he refrained from mentioning about 28 people had worn it already.