Frank Sidebottom: Hilarious Moments In Pop History

Frank Sidebottom: Nothing more than Chris Sievey wearing a paper māché head. When the head was on, he was Frank, and would steadfastedly refuse to answer to "Chris". He was created by Sievey as the Freshies' number one fan (well, The Freshies' only fan), and managed to get a career out of being the band's only fan. Ironic that the Freshies' fan would be more famous than the Freshies themselves.

Frank once sold a video by mail-order called "Frank's Home Movie Video". He reportedly recorded a personalised intro on each video ordered, and coloured all the sleeves in by hand!

He had many songs released, although all of them are near impossible to get hold of. For example, he released a couple of "Timperley" EPs, where all the tracks contained, er, "Timperley" (it was where he lived, or something). Yes: all of them. Every single one. Other famous releases included "Frank Sings The Magic Of Freddie Mercury and Queen", and the 12" version called "Frank Sings The Magic Of Freddie Mercury And Queen And Kylie Minogue (you know; her off 'Neighbours')". The most memorable tracks being "Frank Gordon" (a version of "Flash Gordon"), and "I Am The Champion" (a version of "We Are The Champions"). He also released a single entitled "Panic by The Sidebottoms", containing no less than nine different mixes of the same song (one of which was the "Demon Axx Warriors from Oblivion Mix"). And John Kettley wasn't the only BBC weatherman to have a song written about him, as Ian McCaskill's name was put to Frank's imaginatively-titled "Ian McCaskill". And we haven't even mentioned "Best of the Answering Machine", "6 All-time Great Footballing Chants (including 'Nil-Nil', 'Wemberley', and 'There's Only One Referee')" or "Frank checks into Auntie Edie's", yet. Or the album "B******s To Christmas". Or Little Frank's rendition of Tap 72 Times On The Ceiling.

Frank recently released his long-awaited compilation album, called "A B C & D... the best of...", but he ran out of space and had to double-up some of the tracks. The sequel, E F G & H, is apparently in the works.

Timperley Rhubarb

But it's not all music, y'know. Frank "starred" in "Oink!" (once described as "1980s kids 'slightly rude' comic"). One issue of Oink carried a free 7" single, containing "The Oink Get Together Song". Oh, it is all music.

Well, except for his album "The Beastie Puppets", which was never released due to legal action from The Beastie Boys. It was a shame, because the 12" record contained both the Christmas and Birthday versions of "We're Gonna To Write Some Invitations to my Party". And his "Fantastic Shed Show Press Pack" included a packet of Refreshers (you know, they're those multi-coloured fizzy sweets)

Sadly, Frank passed away on the 21st June 2010. We will miss him. You know we will, we really will.

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