Hank Marvin on 5

Tune in to Wowfabmegagreatsuperwonderfulexcellentgroovyamazingreallygoodsuperbastoundingcrashsmashawardwinningbrilliant on Channel 5* next Sunday. It's on after the repeats of 'The Monkees' on Channel 4, and features Hank Marvin as a team captain. Basically, it's a retro-pop quiz. That's it really, although it did feature a bit of Rolf Harris' "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" last week, with the words changed slightly to "You Beaut, Bandicoot!".

* 'Channel 5' sounds too much like 'Channel 4', so we're supposed to be calling it 'five'. Just 'five'. 5 are also worrying that abbreviating it to C5 means people will be jumping in their tellies and driving off down the road at 3mph.