James Leach

James was at YS for about, erm, one issue*. He reviewed about one game, which was probably Operation Thuderbolt, or something like that. He then decided to move to Amiga Format, for about one issue, and reviewed one games compilation (containing such delights as Terry's Big Adventure - "Well, if this is his big adventure, I can't imagine what the rest of his sad life must be like"). He subsequently tried his hand at one (spot a pattern yet?) issue of PC Format, reviewing one game: maybe Heretic, which was rather mediocre.

He's now a scriptwriter for Bullfrog, which seems to involve standing in a very small cupboard testing character dialogue by reading it into a tape recorder.

Lonely Hearts

James also memorably startled a cat in a pub by suddenly picking it up while he was ("Of a particular clarity of mind and easily capable of operating heavy machinery" - Ed). It responded by yowling alarmingly and raking his hand off. This amused him greatly.

* James was, in fact, on YS for considerably longer than "one issue." He was there for almost lots of them.

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