Jon Pillar

Jon didn't actually review any games. None at all. He only really appeared in the "Joystick Jugglers" bit, but perhaps shouldn't have done, because he didn't juggle with any joysticks. And that's it really. He didn't say anything important or memorable. He was just, sort of, 'there'. Due to his reluctance to actually write reviews for games, we have come to the conclusion that Jon just spent all day playing them, then paying James to write the review. He did this by making sure he was only given the two-player games to review, then challenged other members of the YS team to beat him. They had, therefore, played the game, knew how it worked, and could write a fabbo review of it.

Jon took the completed review, and put his own name on it before handing it to the current YS Ed. Getting rather suspicious as to how Jon managed to write so many reviews - more than anyone else, in fact - when all he appeared to do was sit around playing games all day and was never once seen in front of a word processor, Spec Tec was sent to investigate.

Caught behind the YS shed with James (oo-er), exchanging several pounds worth of hard currency for a finished review, Pillar was forced to go into hiding. He is now believed to have been killed, and Future hired Jonathan Nash to take Pillar's old job.

We have been asked to mention that there is no connection between Jon Pillar and Jonathan Nash, other than the above.

Nathan Reynolds wanted to share this little story:

Just for the record... I met Jon Pillar once, when I was running a stall at the All Formats computer show in Earl's Court.

I was still at school when the SAM Coupé came out. So, I created my own little startup (with plenty of encouragement from Adrian Parker of Blue Alpha Electronics). Jon was browsing though my wares... That's wares, not warez.

Anyway, the one thing that he did write for Your Sinclair, was a small corner about up and coming SAM software. Quiet bloke, small hands. Anyway, he did an OK write-up on me... Said I had a twisted sense of humour. But, I 'spose that's normally apparent to anyone who meats me :)

Only two things in this world scare me. Nuclear war and carnies. :)

The rest of this page has been removed on the grounds that it is demonstratably false. At least, according to the only involved person we've found. Tch, eh?