Jonathan Davies (& Farty the Warthog)

This is the curmudgeonly face of Jonathan Davies, YS's programming master who later moved on to present the YS tipshop. He was the infamous owner of the deceased Farty the Warthog, his most bestest pet ever. Jonathan was recently seen scavenging the offices of Amiga Power late one night, and has also written for/been the editor of PC Gamer magazine. He left over a year ago in mysterious circumstances involving an imaginatively-titled N64 magazine ("N64 Magazine"). He probably left after editing the launch issue*, and now works for the BBC, in that big brown building with the white circles and the fountain outside where Roy Castle tap-danced with 11,000 children and everything.

Gentleman editor Jonathan Davies has paid huge sums of money to be airbrushed out of every Program Pitstop photograph (it was only complete luck that he didn't get to ours before this site went up), a bit like with Lenin and the Bolsheviks. Your copy's probably already been changed by JD's crack team of international cat burglars. Go and have a look. See? Told you.

* It has recently come to our attention that JD left after 13 issues, not one. We clearly confused the phrase "launch editor" with "launch editor who left after one issue"
(The insults have been removed for reasons of space, obviously)