Jonathan Nash

J Nash has forgotten his first name and written some articles or something:

"He has long hair and wears a trenchcoat" - Brett Davids

("He doesn't. Ever. That's me, the fool." - C-Monster)

"Oh, and he has lots of T-Shirts with cartoon characters on them" - Brett Davids

Little is known about Jonathan Nash. Actually, that's a blatant lie. Much is known of Jonathan Nash, it's just that most of it makes no Earthly sense whatsoever. He likes cartoons (the most obvious example being Warner Brothers stuff, ranging from Loony Tunes to Animaniacs and Batman. "The New Adventures of Johnny Quest" does not fall into this catagory.), obscure jokes (including hideously convoluted sequences which appear to make no sense at all up until you suddenly get a line like ''"Everyone knows there are sixty seconds in a minoot."'') and exclamations dating from 1920. ("You rotter!")

A stickler for grammatical accuracy, Jonathan's style of humour was strange even by YS standards. But if there's anyone who exemplifies the death-throes of YS, it's him. As the dying magazine slowly foundered, Jonathan stood staunch with the launch of the YS2s, a bold step forwards in magazine publishing. If your magazine consists of about 4 pages with a tape on the front, went the reasoning, why not put writing on the tape? It was a blinder of an idea. Of course, it also lead to the heartfelt plea contained within YS2-3.

"Everything not previously credited was performed by Jonathan Nash on membrane keyboard and bongos, and he's very tired, because it's 03:26 and he's once again wondering why he does it, and he's thinking it's because he cares, and he's dismissing the idea entirely, and he's realising it's because he's too obstinate to let go, and he's going to bed."

Later, Jonathan was to resign his editorship of Amiga Power in protest at the increase in price and simultaneous cut in length. Of course, this didn't stop him earning 16 an hour while reviewing Speris Legacy, but that's neither here nor there.

So, Jonathan Nash. Comic genius, misunderstood pioneer and lovable rogue? Perhaps. He now appears to spend much of his time on comp.sys.sinclair, where he complains about the printer buffer being different on 128k Speccies.

This probably doesn't go to show much other than that he knows more about the Spectrum than any Earthly being should know. Which suggests that Jonathan is not an Earthly being. Spook!