Deadly Website Pages with Steve Irwin

But Bush Tucker Man isn't the only crazy Australian to go out in the bush. Steve Irwin doesn't eat the plants, instead he torments the wildlife in his ITV shows called "Deadly something something With Steve Irwin". We've had Deadly Spitting Cobras With Steve Irwin, where Steve goes out with only a rucksack and a camera for company, and provokes deadly snakes to spit at him. In Deadly African River With Steve Irwin, he rows up a river infested with crocodiles and hippos. He even keeps crocodiles in his back garden, along with a boa constrictor as a playmate for his daughter.

Think of the most Australian thing you can and multiply it by ten. Add in as much enthusiasm and danger as you can fit on a large lorry and, unless you're in the middle of watching an episode of short-lived spin-off series Extreme Neighbours, you've probably just conjoured up an image of Steve Irwin.

Most recently criticised for forgetting to barbecue his son before feeding him to a crocodile, Steve's hit series Deadly Crocodile Hunter Diaries With Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was forced to finish by TV networks around the globe. However deadly the crocodiles were, the media were far worse.

Steve was tragically killed doing what he loved best, filming a documentary at the Great Barrier Reef. Somewhat ironically for a man who stared the world's most dangerous animals in the eye, he was attacked by a stingray - a creature that had not caused any deaths in Australia since the 1940s.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Steve Irwin.