Dear Uncool... Your problems solved by Auntie Madge

Auntie Madge hosted the YS merchandise 'problem page'. This consisted of some letters from 'Uncool';

Dear Auntie Madge,
I'm embarassed to take my alligator skin wallet out because my friends laugh at me. What can I do?
Uncool, Hemel Hempstead.

The reply, as always, tended to be a bit promotional...

Dear Uncool,
I suggest you buy a stylish Your Sinclair wallet. Bearing the YS logo, these are the ultimate fashion accessory. Soon all your friends will want one! And they're only 3.99.
Auntie Madge.

Auntie Madge also tried to flog YS T-Shirts to the unsuspecting public. However, she didn't have much luck, and they were soon given away in a competition, and now sought after by collectors all over the world.